About VtoV

The VtoV Employee Relief Fund is Verizon’s internal public charity funded by donations from Verizon employees. If an employee is unable to gain access to, or live in, their primary residence due to a catastrophic event, VtoV provides approved applicants with grants for qualified personal expenses (food, shelter, clothing, etc.)

Donations to the VtoV Fund are tax- deductible and eligible for Verizon Foundation’s Matching Gifts program.

VtoV is managed by E4E Relief, a non-profit organization that administers charities for several large corporations.

100% of every donation goes directly to help a V Teamer in need, because Verizon pays all administrative fees.

Note to Non-US Employees: Employees worldwide may participate in VtoV, either by donating (via credit card only for non-U.S. employees) or submitting a grant application. Due to varying laws, taxes and regulations, grant-approved employees are part of an alternate process that is not administered by e4e Relief (details available upon request.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who funds VtoV?

We do. VtoV is funded by employee donations. Verizon pays the administrative fees related to running the program, so every donation made goes directly to help a fellow employee during their time of need. Donations made via check, credit card or stock are eligible for the Verizon Foundations Matching Gift Program.

Who can apply for a grant?

Any full- or part-time employee facing a financial hardship stemming from the permanent or temporary loss of their home through a natural or personal disaster (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, domestic violence incident, etc.) may apply for a grant through VtoV.

Why donate now?

VtoV has received donations from thousands of employees but there is still work to do. When the next house fire, natural or personal disaster emergency arises, we want to be sure the Fund is ready to help our colleagues in need. So please give today.

Can I donate if I’m not a Verizon employee?

Yes. Anyone can donate to VtoV.

How can I help?

To make a donation to support the Fund, click here. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will go to help a fellow member of the Verizon family who needs it.